The income data register for private individuals is a document that must accompany annual returns when submitting tax documentation to the tax authorities.

  1. Click Staff accounting> Income tax> Income data registerto open the Income data registerform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new line.

  3. In the Calculation periodfield, select the month and year of the reporting period.

  4. In the Register numberfield, enter the register number of the document.

  5. In the Presentation datefield, select the date that the report will be submitted to the tax authorities.

  6. In the Directoryfield, specify the path to the file that will be created.

    Note Note

    The Documents quantityfield is populated automatically, and equals the number of employees entered in the register, since a document is created to represent each employee.

  7. Click Create registerto open the Inquiryform.

  8. Enter the selection criteria and then click OK. The register data is displayed on the Compositiontab.

  9. In the Income data registerform, click the Compositiontab.

  10. Press CTRL+N to add employees.

  11. In the Inquiry numberfield, enter the employee inquiry number.

  12. In the Tax ratefield, select the tax rate code.

  13. In the Employeefield, select the code of the employee for whom the register is created.

    Note Note

    You can delete employees if necessary.

  14. In the Tax imposedfield, enter the amount of tax imposed on an employee for the tax period.

  15. In the Transferred taxfield, enter the amount of total income tax transferred to the budget.

  16. Click Create a fileto create a text file with the specified data.

    Note Note

    To print the income data register report, click Print> Natural persons' income data registeror Staff accounting> Income tax> Reports> Natural persons' income data register.

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