An employee is recruited for work by creating and posting a recruiting resolution.

  1. Click Staff accounting> Staff administration> Resolution journals> Accept for employmentto open the Recruiting resolutionsform.

  2. Press CTRL+N to create a new recruiting resolution journal.

  3. In the Namefield, select the journal code for recruiting resolution journals.

    Note Note

    The Journalfield automatically displays a unique journal number, based on the series assigned for resolution journals in the Staff administration parametersform.

  4. In the Resolution datefield, enter the date the resolution was created.

    Note Note

    The Resolution numberfield automatically displays a unique resolution number, based on the series assigned for recruiting resolutions in the staff administration parameters.

  5. Click the Reasontab.

  6. In the Reasonfield, enter the reason for recruiting resolution.

  7. Click Linesto open the Recruiting resolution linesform.

  8. Press CTRL+N to create a new recruiting resolution line.

  9. In the Employeefield, select the employee who is to be recruited. Employees to be recruited must be registered in the Employeesform in advance. The list displays only employees who are registered but not yet recruited.

    Note Note

    In the Employee namefield, the last name, first name and middle name of the selected employee are automatically displayed.

  10. Select the By staff listcheck box if the employee is accepted in the staff list structure.

  11. In the Organizationfield, select the company division where the employee is recruited.

    Note Note

    The Positionfield automatically displays the name of the employee's position if the employee is recruited by staff list. You can also select a position.

  12. Click the Generaltab.

    Note Note

    The Categoryfield automatically displays the position category if the employee is recruited by staff list. You can also select a category.

  13. In the Start datefield, enter the employee's employment start date.

  14. In the End datefield, enter the employee's employment end date if the employee is recruited for a temporary period.

  15. In the Employmentfield, select the employee's pay rate.

    Note Note

    If the employee is recruited by staff list, the Salaryfield automatically displays the salary rate value specified for the position in the organizational chart. Where necessary, the Salaryfield can be set manually.

  16. In the 1st raise, 2nd raise, and 3rd raisefields, enter the salary raise values.

  17. In the Codefield, select the scale of charges code for the position for which the employee is recruited.

  18. In the Gradefield, select the class or category for the position for which the employee is recruited.

  19. In the Document datefield, enter the employment contract date.

  20. In the Document numberfield, enter the employment contract number.

  21. In the Kind of workfield, select Permanent, Temporary, On the certain term, or Seasonal.

  22. In the Trial periodfield, enter the number of months of the trial period.

    Note Note

    Repeat steps 8 to 22 to hire several employees at one instance.

  23. Click Validateto check the resolution lines for errors.

    Note Note

    If the staff administration parameters include control of the number of vacancies, the existence of vacancies when executing a resolution is verified.

  24. Click Closeto post a recruiting resolution. As a result of this transaction, the following steps automatically take place:

    • The information about the job is automatically transferred to the employee's personal ID card.

    • A new record is generated in the employee history.

    • If the employee was recruited by the organizational chart, the number of free established positions for the position is reduced.

    • In the header of the resolution journal, the Postedcheck box is selected.

  25. If required, click Restoreto cancel the changes made on the basis of the recruiting resolution.

  26. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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