You can use the Time sheet general settingsform to define the basic setup for time sheets.

  1. Click Staff accounting> Working time registration> Setup> Setupto open the Time sheet general settingsform.

  2. In the Hours/daysfield, select Hours only, Days only, or Days and hoursas the default method to register the time codes.

  3. In the Assessment principlefield, select either Dailyor Aggregatedas the method to register time sheets.

  4. Select the On-line calculationcheck box to specify if the time sheet is calculated automatically when you enter or make changes to the time sheet.

  5. In the Time sheet ratefield group, specify the time sheet rates in the Rate 1, Rate 2, and Rate 3fields.

  6. In the Human resource managerfield, select the manager responsible for the time sheet.

  7. In the Absences from workfield, select a time group to represent absences from work. This time group is printed in Form T-13.

  8. In the Attendance time groupfield, select a time group to represent attendance at work. This time group is used to calculate the average number of employees.

  9. In the Truancy time groupfield, select a time group that is excluded from seniority calculations for employees.

  10. Click the Special times accounttab.

  11. In the left pane, select the time type as vacation.

  12. In the right pane, select a time code for the vacation time type in the Time codefield.

    Note Note

    You can select the time types as Sick-listor Business trip, and then define their time codes in the Time codefield.

  13. Select the Updatecheck box to update the time for the default line that is created when you generate a time sheet.

  14. Press CTRL+S or close the form.

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