Create Chunk Dictionary window


This window allows you to split your extracted or stand-alone application dictionary into "chunks" that are used to install or update an application. The dictionary chunks are part of what you deliver to your customer.

Dexterity Utilities has the Auto-Chunk window, which greatly simplifies the process of creating a dictionary chunk. For this reason, we recommend that you use the Auto-Chunk utility, rather than the Create Chunk Dictionary utility.

Refer to the following topic for more information about the Create Chunk Dictionary utility:


To display this window

Select a source dictionary containing the resources you want to transfer to the chunk dictionary. (This is the application dictionary for stand-alone applications or the extracted dictionary for integrating applications.) Next, choose Create Chunk Dictionary from the Utilities menu. A dialog box will appear, asking if you would like to edit an existing chunk. Click Yes to display a file dialog box where you can select an existing chunk dictionary. Click No to display a file dialog box where you can enter a name for the new chunk dictionary.

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