Series Resources window


This window allows you to update the series resource lists in a dictionary. Series resource lists contain the names of forms, reports, tables and table groups in the application dictionary, grouped according to their assigned series. Series resource lists allow the names of resources of a specific type and series to be retrieved quickly, instead of requiring that a script check each resource and determine its series. When you create a new resource and specify its series, or when you change a resource's series, the series resource lists are automatically updated. Use this window if need to manually update the series resource lists.

If you want to update all series resource lists for a dictionary, mark the All Resource Types and All Series options and click Update. All series resource lists will be updated. If you want to specify the type and series to be updated, follow the steps in the procedure listed below.

Refer to the following topic for more information about the Series Resources utility:


To display this window

Select an editable dictionary, then choose Series Resources from the Resources menu.

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