Transfer Dictionary Module window


The transfer dictionary module utility is useful when you want to create a "subset" dictionary without the slower process of transferring and compiling.

For example, you may want to create a version of an application dictionary that doesn't include certain forms or reports. To do so, you would use this utility to transfer all dictionary modules from the source dictionary to a newly created destination dictionary, with the exception of the form modules and report modules for the forms and reports you're not including.

This utility is not intended to be used as a general-purpose tool to transfer resources between dictionaries. It can be used to transfer modules between dictionaries only if the resource IDs for all resources are the same in both the source and destination dictionaries.

The transfer dictionary module utility is also used when creating applications that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This utility is used to transfer the dictionary modules for modified forms and reports from the Dynamics.dic dictionary to a third-party extracted dictionary. Refer to the Integration Guide for more information about using this utility while developing integrating applications.

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To display this window

Select a source and a destination dictionary, then choose Dictionary Module from the Transfer menu.

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