Dictionary cores

Large applications can have thousands of core resources. To better manage core resources, the core modules are grouped into dictionary cores. Each core module is placed into one of seven dictionary cores:


The dictionary cores correspond to series for Microsoft Dynamics GP. For instance, the core resources for Inventory are placed in the Inventory core. The drop-down list on the Dexterity Utilities tool bar and the Default Core drop-down list in the Dexterity Options window specify the dictionary core into which core resources will be placed.

To simply create a functional application, it doesn’t matter which dictionary core the core resources are created in. However, creating the core resources for your application in the appropriate dictionary cores will make them easier to manage.

You can use the Change Core utility in Dexterity Utilities to change the dictionary core in which a core resource is stored.

The following illustration shows how the core modules for a dictionary are grouped into the various dictionary cores.


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