Working with dictionaries

To effectively use Dexterity Utilities, you must understand how it works with dictionaries. A dictionary can be accessed in one of three ways:

You can’t open a dictionary in more than one mode at a time. For instance, you can’t open the same dictionary as both a source and editable dictionary at the same time. Also, you can’t open a dictionary with Dexterity Utilities if the dictionary is in use by another application.

You can close a single dictionary by choosing the appropriate Close option from the File menu. All dictionaries are closed when you quit Dexterity Utilities. Dictionaries are also closed automatically when you open a different dictionary in the same mode. For example, if Dictionary A is open as a source dictionary, and you choose to open Dictionary B as a source dictionary, Dictionary A will be closed automatically.

You can use the Dictionaries menu to help keep track of which dictionaries are open.

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