Transferring windows

Dexterity Utilities allows you to transfer a single window from a form in a source dictionary to a form having the same name in a destination dictionary. This utility allows new windows in multi-window forms that are prototyped by one programmer to be transferred to the dictionary of another programmer without affecting any other work that may have been done in the destination dictionary.

If the window exists in the destination dictionary, it will be replaced; otherwise, it will be added to the form it belongs to. After a window is transferred in this manner, use the Compile Form Scripts utility described in Script Utilities to compile any window or field scripts that were transferred.

To begin a transfer, select a source and a destination dictionary, then choose Window from the Transfer menu to display the Transfer Window window.

  1. Select the window to transfer.

From the Forms list, select the form containing the window you want to transfer. The windows in the form will appear in the Windows list. Select the window you want to transfer.

  1. Transfer the selected window.

Click the Transfer button to transfer the selected window to the destination dictionary. The Report File Name dialog box will appear. Enter the name and location for the Transfer Window Status Report file, then click OK to continue the transfer process, or click Cancel to return to the Transfer Window window.

When you transfer a window, you’re also transferring any scrolling windows, global fields, global data types, local fields, local data types, composites, formats, strings and pictures used for the window that don’t already exist in the destination dictionary. Any window, scrolling window or field scripts will be transferred as well, though they won’t be compiled. Use the Compile Form Scripts utility to compile these scripts.

If a window exists in the destination dictionary with the same name as the one being transferred, that window will be replaced when the transfer occurs. For that reason, we recommend that you be aware of the windows included in each dictionary before performing the transfer. The Forms option in the Inquiry menu allows you to view names of windows associated with different forms within a dictionary.

  1. Use the status report to verify the transfer.

Once the transfer is complete, the status report will be printed to a text file. The report lists everything that was transferred and whether it was added to the destination dictionary or replaced an existing resource.

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