Viewing form information

The Form Inquiry window allows you to list forms by series and view the windows, menus and tables included in each form.

To perform a form inquiry, select a source dictionary, then choose Forms from the Inquiry menu to display the Form Inquiry window.

  1. Select a series.

Select the series that includes the form you wish to view. The forms in the selected series will appear in the Forms list.

You can set a default series prior to beginning the inquiry process. Select the appropriate series from the Series list located on the tool bar. Once specified, the selected series will appear as the default whenever a series can be selected in a window.

  1. Select a form.

Select the appropriate form; the names of the windows, menus and tables for that form will be displayed.

  1. Close the Form Inquiry window.

When you’ve finished viewing the displayed information, select a different form or click Close to close the window.

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