This utility is used when you develop your application in the Dynamics.dic dictionary, then want to create a dictionary to operate in multidictionary mode. The extract utility copies, or “extracts” resources with resource IDs 22,000 or greater from the Dynamics.dic dictionary and places them in a separate dictionary. The extract process excludes any Microsoft Dynamics GP resources, since these resource IDs are numbered below 22,000.

The Extract utility only copies resources from the modified dictionary. It doesn’t remove any resources from the Dynamics.dic dictionary.

To extract resources, select a source dictionary, then choose Extract from the Utilities menu to open the Extract window.

  1. Click OK.

Click OK to begin the process of creating a new dictionary in which to store the extracted resources.

  1. Specify the name of the extracted dictionary.

A file name dialog box will appear, allowing you to name the extracted dictionary. The default name will be EXTRACT.DIC; accept that name or specify a new one.

Because dictionaries can be overwritten by another dictionary with the same name, choose the name of your dictionary carefully.

The Extract utility will begin creating the new dictionary and extracting the resources. As the resources are extracted, the types of resources being processed, such as system strings, and form and report names, will be displayed in a progress window.

The only resources extracted will be those with IDs equal to or greater than 22,000. The numbers within this range are those created for an integrating application; resources specific to Microsoft Dynamics GP will be less than 20,000; IDs between 20,000 and 22,000 are reserved for the runtime Report Writer and Modifier resources.

Modified Microsoft Dynamics GP forms and reports are not transferred by the Extract utility. You must use the Transfer Dictionary module utility to transfer modified forms and reports to the extracted dictionary.

You can’t perform any development in the extracted dictionary. Opening the extracted dictionary with Dexterity and attempting to make changes could corrupt the dictionary. Instead, you must make changes in the modified Dynamics.dic dictionary, then re-extract.

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