Expanding windows

This utility is used when you create an international version of your application. It expands all windows and window fields in your application by a specified percentage to allow room for international characters.

To expand the windows in a dictionary, open an editable dictionary, then choose Expand Windows from the Utilities menu to open the Expand Windows window.

  1. Select the amount to scale.

Select the horizontal and vertical amounts to scale all windows and window fields in the dictionary. The numbers are expressed as a percentage of the current size. For example, to expand the windows and fields by 10 percent, enter 110. To reduce the size of windows and fields by 20 percent, enter 80.

  1. Click OK.

A progress window will appear while the windows and fields are being altered. The windows and fields will appear expanded when you view them at runtime or edit them in the Dexterity layout window.

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