SQL Compatibility

Use this utility when preparing an application dictionary for use with a SQL database. This utility examines a dictionary for the following conditions, which would prevent the application from working properly with SQL:

The SQL Compatibility utility prints the incompatibility information as a report. It can also make the necessary changes to the application dictionary to make it compatible for use with SQL.

To check the SQL compatibility of a dictionary, open an editable dictionary, then choose SQL Compatibility from the Utilities menu to open the SQL Compatibility window.

  1. Specify the compatibility categories to examine.

Mark the check boxes in the Category group to specify the incompatibilities to look for.

Field Physical Names   Mark this option to find out which table fields don’t have physical names.

Reserved Words   Mark this option to examine table fields to find out whether the physical names are SQL reserved words.

Table Database Types   Mark this option to examine the database type of each table in the application dictionary.

Create Index   Mark this option to examine the SQL key options for each key of every table in the application dictionary.

  1. Generate a compatibility report or make the dictionary compatible.

Click Check to generate a report listing the SQL limits exceeded and any incompatibilities for the categories you specified. Click Make Compatible to make changes to the application dictionary that will remove the SQL incompatibilities. When you click Make Compatible, a report will also be generated that lists the changes made to the application dictionary.

You may want to generate and examine the report listing any SQL incompatibilities before you choose to make the dictionary compatible. This allows you to see the changes that are required before they are actually made.

When you click Make Compatible, the following changes will be made to remove incompatibilities:

The Unique SQL key option will also be marked appropriately
for each key, based upon current setting of the Duplicates key option. If Duplicates is not marked, the Unique key option will
be marked. If Duplicates is marked, the Unique key option will be unmarked.

While the SQL Compatibility utility can locate and make changes to overcome certain SQL incompatibilities, its use doesn’t guarantee that an application will work fully with SQL.

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