Using the packaging utilities

The Compress, Extract, Compare, Create Chunk Dictionary, and Product Information utilities are typically used together when you package your product for distribution. The following chart lists the steps in packaging and updating stand-alone and integrating applications.





1. Add product information

2. Compress

3. Create chunk dictionaries

1. Extract

2. Transfer form and report modules

3. Add product information

4. Compress

5. Create chunk dictionaries


1. Compress

2. Compare

3. Create chunk dictionaries

1. Source Code Control for update (if core application version has changed)

2. Development changes (if required)

3. Extract

4. Transfer form and report modules

5. Add product information

6. Compress

7. Compare

8. Create chunk dictionaries

These utilities are used to package applications so launch files will be properly updated when the application is installed. They also ensure that form dictionaries and report dictionaries will be updated properly when applications are updated.

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