Local Resources Report

The Local Resources Report contains information about local resources for a specific form in a dictionary. It allows you to include information about local data types and local fields, as well as script source for local scripts, form procedures and form functions.

To use the Local Resources Report, open a source dictionary and choose Local Resources from the Reports menu. The Local Resources window will appear.

  1. Select a series and form.

Select a form series; the Forms list will be filled with the names of forms in the selected series. Select the form for which you want to print local resource information.

  1. Select a resource type.

From the Resource Type list, select the type of local resource for which you want to print information. The following is a list of the local resource types you can select, along with the information printed for each:

  1. Specify the printing options.

The printing options specify which resources to include in the report. Chose one of the following:

  1. Print the report.

Click Print to print the report for the selected local resources. The Report File Name dialog box will appear. Enter the name and location for the Local Resources Report, then click Save.

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