Cross Link Analysis Report

The Cross Link Analysis Report examines a dictionary for resources that improperly reference other resources. Specifically, it checks for the following conditions:


These problems could occur under rare circumstances in earlier versions of Dexterity. Use this utility to determine whether any of these problems have affected your dictionaries.

To use the Cross Link Analysis report, open a source dictionary and choose Cross Link Analysis from the Reports menu. The Cross Link Analysis window will appear.

  1. Analyze the dictionary.

Click OK to check for cross links in the dictionary. The Report File Name dialog box will appear. Enter the name and location for the Cross Link Analysis report, then click Save.

  1. Use the Cross Link Analysis report to verify that there are no cross-linked resources.

If no cross-linked resources are found in the dictionary, the Cross Link Analysis report won’t contain any entries. If any resources are cross-linked, you must take measures to fix the problem. Typically, this involves deleting the incorrect reference to the cross-linked resource and recreating the script, key or table relationship that should be referenced.

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