Global Resource Usage Report

The Global Resource Usage Report lists how specific global resources are used throughout a dictionary. The report can include the number of times a global resource is used or where the resource is used. It can also print a list of the unused resources in the dictionary (global resources that have been created but not used by other resources). An option for the report allows you to remove the unused resources from the dictionary.

To use the Global Resource Usage Report, open an editable dictionary and choose Global Resource Usage from the Reports menu. The Global Resource Usage window will appear.

  1. Select the series for the resources.

From the Series drop-down list, select the series containing the global resources for which you want to print information.

  1. Indicate the resource detail.

Use the Resource Detail drop-down list to indicate the information to include in the report. Choose one of the following options.

  1. Select a resource type.

From the Resource Type drop-down list, select the type of global resource for which you want to print information. The following is a list of the resource types you can select:


  1. Indicate whether to remove unused resources.

If you’re printing a list of unused resources, you can mark the Remove Unused check box to remove the unused resources.

You may want to print and review the report listing the unused resources before you actually remove them from the dictionary.

Use caution when removing unused global fields. If a global field is used only as a local variable type in a script, this report will consider it unused and will delete it from the dictionary.

  1. Select the resources to include in the report.

To include a single resource of the specified type, select the resource in the Resources list. To include all resources listed in the Resources list, mark the All Resources Listed check box.

  1. Print the report.

Click Print to print the report for the selected resources. The Report File Name dialog box will appear. Enter the name and location for the Global Resource Usage Report, then click Save.

If you’re listing unused resources and have marked the Remove Unused check box, any of the selected resources that are unused will be removed from the dictionary.

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