Linked Prompt Report

The Linked Prompt Report displays fields and the corresponding prompts the fields have been linked to. The report lists all fields and prompts or lists only fields that have not been linked to prompts. Refer to the Windows for information about linking fields to prompts.

To use the Linked Prompt Report, open a source dictionary and choose Linked Prompts from the Reports menu. The Linked Prompt Report window will appear.

  1. Select the forms you want to print information for.

Select the series containing the forms you want to print information for; the Forms list will be filled with the names of forms in the selected series. Select each form you want to include and click Insert to display it in the Selected Forms list. Double-clicking the selection will perform the same function. Click Insert All to select all forms listed.

  1. Indicate the report detail.

Use the Report Detail drop-down list to indicate the information to include in the report. Choose one of the following options.

  1. Print the report.

Click Print to print the report for the selected forms. The Report File Name dialog box will appear. Enter the name and location for the Linked Prompt Report, then click Save.

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