Referential Diagnostics Report

The Referential Diagnostics Report examines a dictionary for two types of referential integrity problems: invalid direct references and invalid transitive references.

We recommend that you run the Referential Diagnostics Report before you ship your application to customers. This will alert you to any improperly referenced resource in the application, which could cause problems not detectable by ordinary testing.

To use the Referential Diagnostics Report, open a source dictionary and choose Referential Diagnostics from the Reports menu. A file dialog box will appear, allowing you to specify the name and location of the Referential Diagnostics Report.

  1. Examine the report.

If any referential integrity problems were found, they will be listed in the report. If no problems were found, only the report headings will be included in the report.

  1. Address any errors that were found.

If referential integrity problems were found, they should be resolved before you ship your application. Typically, this involves using Dexterity to re-establish the references between resources. To do this, delete the erroneous reference (the [Not Found]) and then re-establish the reference.

For example, if a data type is deleted, fields that used it will no longer properly reference a data type. Open the field definition for any field that referenced the deleted data type and choose another data type.

In other cases, you may have to remove the references to resources that have been deleted. The following are two common situations:

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