Table Relationships Validation Report

The Table Relationships Validation Report examines a dictionary for table relationships that have been defined incorrectly. Each table relationship is examined to ascertain whether it has any of the following problems:

These problems can be introduced into an application when you change key or table definitions for existing tables.

We recommend that you run the Table Relationships Validation Report before you ship your application to customers. This will alert you to any improperly-defined table relationships in the application.

To use the Table Relationships Validation Report, open a source dictionary and choose Table Relationships Validation from the Reports menu. A file dialog box will appear, allowing you to specify the name and location of the Table Relationships Validation Report.

  1. Examine the report.

If any table relationship problems were found, they will be listed in the report. If no problems were found, only the report heading will be included in the report.

  1. Address any errors that were found.

If table relationship problems were found, they should be resolved before you ship your application. Typically, this involves using Dexterity to open each table relationship that contains errors. The Table Relationship Definition Window will automatically set the relationship type. It will prevent you from setting key segments to incompatible types, and will also prevent having too many segments for the key in the secondary table.

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