Tables Report

The Tables Report contains information about tables in a dictionary. The report can include the display and physical names of the table, the record size, information about fields in the table, and the name of the table group to which the table belongs (if any).

To use the Tables Report, open a source dictionary and choose Tables from the Reports menu. The Tables Report window will appear.

  1. Select the report options.

Mark the appropriate options to indicate the information you want included in the report. The selections you make will apply to all tables for which you print reports.

Keys   Mark this option to list the keys in the table. A list of fields in each key and the attributes of the key will follow each key name.

Fields   This option allows you to include the following information about the table‚Äôs fields:

Relationships   Mark this option to include information about related tables, including the linked fields.

  1. Select the tables you want to print information for.

Select the series containing the tables you want to print information for. The Tables list will be filled with the names of tables in the selected series. Select each of these tables you want to include and click Insert to display it in the Selected Tables list. Double-clicking the selection will perform the same function. Click Insert All to select all tables listed.

  1. Print the report.

Click Print to print the report for the tables in the Selected Tables list. The Report File Name dialog box will appear. Enter the name and location for the Tables Report, then click Save.

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