Report Reference

Use this portion of the documentation to learn about the reports available in Dexterity Utilities. You may want to print reports from time to time when developing or modifying a dictionary to keep information about the dictionary on hand.

Before you can print reports, you must open the dictionary for which you want information. All reports, with the exception of the Global Resource Usage and Local Resource Usage reports, require a source dictionary. The local and global resource usage reports require an editable dictionary.

After opening a dictionary, select the report you want to print from the Reports menu. A window will appear, allowing you to specify options for the report. Choose the appropriate options and click Print. All reports generated by Dexterity Utilities are printed directly to a text file. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to name the text file. You can open the text file using any text editor. Reports have the best appearance if displayed in a monospaced font.

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