Intended Audiences

The information included in this SDK is intended to assist developers working on the following activities:


Information that describes table and other data model changes will be widely useful to developers and implementers using customization and integration tools such as Modifier with VBA, Report Writer, Crystal Reports, Continuum, ODBC Drivers, and Microsoft® Dexterity®. In addition, information describing creation of master and transaction records, along with transaction posting flows, will be useful to developers in a broad range of activities.

Other components will be useful only to developers using Dexterity or Continuum. These components include documentation that describes changes in global procedures and functions, parameters for all procedures and functions, and changes to forms across releases. Such information is identified as applying only to Dexterity developers by text similar to the following:

These topics are intended only for Dexterity developers.

This SDK also contains some code examples that might be useful to Dexterity developers.