Collections Management

The Collections Management SDK includes API calls, transactions flows and other information to help you in working with the Collections Management module. A sample application is available in the Sample Apps, which is contained within the Content folder that stores other SDK components. The Collections Management SDK Readme file has additional information.

We recommend that you use build 32 or higher of version 7.0 Collections Management. All of the following methods are available for importing Notes into Collections Management.

Dexterity Application:

Build 32 contains a new Dexterity procedure that can be called from another Dexterity-based application to add a Collection Note. Instructions are contained in the “Collections Management API and SQL Script for adding a Note” document and a sample Dexterity chunk file (AddNote.cnk) is included that can be used as a template.

SQL Script:

The sample SQL script 'AddCollectionMgmtNote.sql' is a template that can be used by clients on a Microsoft SQL Server database for the purpose of importing a note to Collections Management. The document “Collections Management API and SQL Script for adding a Note” contains more information about this script.

Transaction Flow Document:

The document “Collections Management Notes Transaction Flow” contains information on what are the required table and fields for a successful database import of Collection Management Notes. Please refer to the document for more information.