Extender Actions allow a window to perform specific actions based on user input.  There are three actions that can be performed: Disable Fields, Enable Fields, and Run Template.

· The Disable Field action will disable the selected Extender field.  This will allow data to be displayed, but not entered or changed.
· The Enable Fields action can be used to enable fields that were previously disabled using the Disable Field Action.  When a field is enabled, the data in it can be added or changed.
· The Run Template action can be used to run a specific Window Template when the action is triggered.  The templates need to be exist before they can be selected using an Action.

There are three events in an Extender Window that Actions can be added to: Change Field Value, Enter Field, and Exit Field.  Conditions can also be added to conditionally perform any of the above actions.

· The Change Field Value action triggers when the specified field has been changed in an Extender Window.  The action fires after focus has been lost from the selected field.
· The Enter Field action triggers whenever a specific field receives focus in an Extender Window.
· The Exit Field action triggers whenever a specific field loses focus in an Extender Window.

Information about Actions is divided into the following sections:

· Adding Events
· Modifying Events
· Removing Events
· Adding Actions
· Modifying Actions
· Removing Actions
· Adding Conditions
· Modifying Conditions
· Removing Conditions


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