Adding Extender Windows

Use the Extender Windows window to define new Windows.

To add a new Window:

1. Open the Extender window (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Extender >> Extender).
2. Select Windows from the Extender Objects list.
3. Click the New button.
4. Enter an ID and Description for the Window.
5. Select the Product, Series, Form and Window to link the Extender Window to.
6. Click the Add button above the Key Fields list to select a key field. Repeat this step until all key fields have been selected.
7. Enter prompts and select field types for fields 1 to 15.
8. Click the Save button.


You can add more than one window to a single Microsoft Dynamics GP form.


1pWhen you click Save, the new window will be immediately available as an Additional menu item from the selected Microsoft Dynamics GP window.



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