We use script names automatically applied to field, window and form scripts using the auto-naming feature in Dexterity.


Procedure names are written using the following format:

[module]_[action]_[resource name]_[sequence number]

Procedure names start with the abbreviation for the module, followed by a word that describes the action performed in the procedure, such as print, reconcile, add, delete or create and so on. The main part of the name is the resource name of the object that’s acted upon, such as a table, a report or another resource.


If the script source is too large to fit into one script, split it into two or more sections. Give each section the same name, but add a sequence number at the end of each script to indicate its place in the sequence.


Local variables

Local variables declared and used within a script should have the prefix (l_) (a lowercase L), as shown in the following examples.

local string l_Customer_Number, l_Vendor_Number;
local integer l_Sequence_Number;

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