Multidictionary environment

The multidictionary feature supported by the Dexterity runtime engine allows your application to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Multidictionary allows the runtime environment to recognize separate application dictionaries and run them as one integrated application. When you develop an integrating application and deliver it to customers, it must operate in this multidictionary environment.

For the runtime engine to recognize all dictionaries in a multidictionary environment, the launch file must list all dictionaries that run together. For example, the following illustration shows the launch file that’s necessary to run the sample integrating application and Microsoft Dynamics GP in a multidictionary environment.

Microsoft Dynamics GP
Sample Integrating App.
:C:Dynamics GP/Dynamics.dic
:C:Dynamics GP/Data/Forms.dic
:C:Dynamics GP/Data/Reports.dic
:C:Dynamics GP/Develop.dic
:C:Dynamics GP/Data/F3333.DIC
:C:Dynamics GP/Data/R3333.DIC

Each line in the launch file contains information necessary for the runtime engine to run the various dictionaries that make up the complete application. When you install one or more integrating applications, you add additional information to the launch file that allows the additional dictionary to work in the multidictionary environment.

To create an application that runs in a multidictionary environment, you must first develop it within the main product dictionary (Dynamics.dic) and then package it using the Dexterity Utilities. The section Development process, provides an overview of this process.

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