Preparing for test mode

During development, you will want to run your integration in Dexterity’s test mode. For your development dictionary to run properly in test mode, you must copy the Dex.ini file from the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation and replace the one in the folder from which Dexterity is being run. The Dex.ini file contains several settings that are required for Microsoft Dynamics GP to run properly.

Keep in mind that several features in the accounting system won’t be available when you run in test mode. Test mode has no support for the multidictionary architecture, so common features like SmartList won’t be available. It’s important that you thoroughly test your integration in a multidictionary runtime environment. Code that works in test mode can operate differently when used with the runtime engine.

To allow running in test mode, you may need to write two versions of specific sections of sanScript code. One version will be designed to run in test mode, and the other will be designed to work with the runtime engine. You can use the following code to determine whether code is being executed in test mode or with the runtime engine:

if Launch_GetFileName() <> "" then
	{Runtime engine is being used}
	{Test mode is being used}
end if;

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