Installing the sample

The resources for the Microsoft Dynamics GP sample integrating application are contained in the installation file named Develop.cnk. When the file is added to a Microsoft Dynamics GP installation, it will allow the sample application to run in a multidictionary environment.


To install the sample integrating application, complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the chunk file.

Copy the Develop.cnk chunk file for the sample integration into the same folder as the main application dictionary (Dynamics.dic).

  1. Copy the sample help file.

Copy the appropriate help file Develop.chm file into the same folder as the main application dictionary (Dynamics.dic).

  1. Start Microsoft Dynamics GP.

A message will appear asking whether you want to include the new application code. Click Yes. The code for the sample will be added to the Develop.dic sample dictionary.

  1. Log in as the administrator.

Logging in as the administrator allows the tables for the sample integrating application to be created properly. Log in as the administrator “DYNSA”. You could also log in as “sa”.

  1. Display the sample application’s windows.

The windows defined in the sample will now appear in the navigation for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The following table lists the navigation used to access the sample windows:




Lead Maintenance

Cards >> Sales >> Leads

Lead Inquiry

Inquiry >> Sales >> Leads

Leads Reports

Reports >> IG Sample >> Leads

Leads List

View >> Sales Lists >> Leads

Contact History

Cards >> Sales >> Customer

Selection from the Extras >> Additional submenu.

Contact History Setup

Tools >> Setup >> Sales >> Contact History

Contact History List

View >> Sales Lists >> Contact History

Adding sample data for Microsoft Dynamics GP

A macro is provided with the sample integrating application to add sample data that can be used by the sample. You must run this macro when logged into the sample company, since this macro assumes that data from the sample company will be accessible.

To run the macro, choose Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Macro >> Play. Select the IG_Sample_Data.mac macro file, located in the Develop folder of the Samples folder of your Dexterity installation.

Installing Word templates

Two reports for the sample integrating application are template-enabled, and have Word templates that can be used for them. To install a Word template for the sample integration, complete the following steps:

  1. Open Report Template Maintenance.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, choose Reports >> Template Maintenance.

  1. Display the template-enabled reports for the sample.

In the Report Name drop-down list, choose More Reports. In the Reports lookup window, make the following selections:

Product   Set this to Sample Integrating App.

Series   Set this to Sales.

Status   Set this to Original.

The template-enabled reports for the sample integrating application will be listed.

  1. Select the IG_Leads report.

In the list, select IG_Leads and then click Select.

  1. Add the template for the IG_Leads report.

Click the Add template button (the green plus) to open a dialog box that allows you select a Word template. Choose the IG_Leads Template.docx file, located in the Develop folder of the Samples folder of your Dexterity installation.

  1. Open the Company Assignment window.

In the Assign button drop-list, choose Company to open the Company Assignment window.

  1. Assign a company.

In the Company Assignment window, mark the company that you want to use the template with.

  1. Set the default template.

Click Set Default to open the Default Assignment window. Select a company and then mark the report template that you want to use as the default.

Click Save.

  1. Close the Company Assignment window.

Click Save to close the Company Assignment window. The IG_Leads report now has a default Word template assigned to it for the company.

  1. Install the template for the IG_Leads_List report.

Repeat this procedure for the IG_Leads_List report.

When you specify the report destination for either the IG_Leads report or the IG_Leads_List report, you will see Template listed as an available report type.

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