Using the sample source code

To review the source code and resources in the sample integrating application, you should not edit the dictionary directly with Dexterity. Instead, transfer the sample integrating dictionary to the most current unmodified Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary (DYNAMICS.DIC). To do this, use the Developer Update utility in Dexterity Utilities to complete the transfer.

Start Dexterity Utilities, and open the sample application (DEVELOP.DIC) as a source dictionary, and a new, unmodified Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary (DYNAMICS.DIC) as a destination dictionary. Be sure this is not the development dictionary where you are completing existing application development.

Do not transfer the contents of the sample application to your current development dictionary. The update process will replace existing resources with IDs at and above 22,000 with resources in the sample application dictionary. Use only a copy of an unmodified Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary.

  1. Transfer third-party resources.

Choose Developer Update from the Transfer menu. When the window appears, click Transfer; the Report File Name dialog box will appear. Enter the name and location for the Developer Update Status Report file, then click OK to continue the process.

  1. Update series resources.

Close both the source and destination dictionaries, then open the updated Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary as an editable dictionary. Choose Series Resources from the Resources menu. In the Series Resources window, mark the All Resource Types and All Series options, then click Update.

  1. View source code using Dexterity.

Once you’ve completed the update, launch Dexterity and open the development dictionary containing the sample integrating application. You can review source code for the sample.

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