Trigger benefits

Dexterity’s trigger design has the following benefits:

1. Decreases the effects of maintenance.

Triggers reduce the number of modifications made directly to Microsoft Dynamics GP forms, such as adding navigational buttons or attaching form scripts. By limiting the number of direct modifications, your application’s code is more independent of the products it integrates with, which will likely reduce the impact of maintenance updates on your application. Keep in mind that triggers may not totally eliminate the need to customize Microsoft Dynamics GP forms. Most likely, you’ll use a combination of triggers and form customizations.

2. Multiple developers can trigger off of the same form.

Several third-party developers can deliver enhancements for the same form with fewer conflicts. Without triggers, Microsoft Dynamics GP displays only one version of an alternate form for a user, allowing a user to access customizations by only one third-party developer at a time.

3. Initiate actions without modifying source code.

Triggers allow third-party developer actions to occur before or after specified actions in the main application. This allows you to extend the functionality of the accounting system without having to make modifications to the source code.

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