Trigger processing procedure

The script that runs in response to the trigger is called a trigger processing procedure. This procedure must be in the same dictionary as the script that registered the trigger. For most triggers, the trigger processing procedure must be a global procedure. The exception is function triggers, which can run a global function in response to the trigger.

The following example processing procedure runs in response to the form trigger registered for the RM_Customer_Maintenance form. This procedure runs when the user selects the Contact History menu item.

{Name: IG_Open_Contact_History}
if not isopen(form IG_Contact_History) then
	open form IG_Contact_History;
	'Customer Number' of window IG_Contact_History of form IG_Contact_History = 'Customer Number' of window RM_Customer_Maintenance of form RM_Customer_Maintenance;
	run script 'Customer Number' of window IG_Contact_History of form IG_Contact_History;
end if;

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