Focus Triggers

Focus triggers are activated by “focus” events, such as a window opening or closing, or the focus moving from one field to the next. You can use focus triggers anywhere Dexterity allows you to attach a script, such as window pre and post scripts, or field pre, change and post scripts. Focus triggers respond to focus events regardless of whether scripts already exist for those focus events.

You can create focus triggers that respond to the following types of objects and focus events:



Available focus events


pre, change, post, or context menu

(Note: Button fields run triggers for change focus events only.)


pre or post


pre, post, activate, print, or context menu

Scrolling Window

line pre, line change, line post, line fill, line insert, line delete, or context menu


change (for the menu item)



Focus triggers require that you specify the object that activates the trigger (such as a window, form or field), the focus event for that object (such as a pre, change or post event), and the procedure you want to run in response to the trigger.

Information about focus triggers is divided into the following sections:


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