Cross-dictionary database triggers

When you respond to cross-dictionary database triggers, you will typically need to retrieve values from the table for which the trigger occurred. Because this table isn’t available when you write your trigger processing procedure, it must be passed into the procedure as an anonymous table. You can then use the column() function to retrieve specific field values from the table.

For example, the following script is the trigger processing procedure for the delete trigger on the Applicants table. Notice that the table is passed to the trigger processing procedure as an anonymous table. Also notice that the column() function is used to retrieve the value of the Applicant Number field in the table.

inout anonymous table 'Triggered Table';

release table Appl_Internet_Info;
'Applicant Number' of table Appl_Internet_Info = column("Applicant Number") of table 'Triggered Table';
change table Appl_Internet_Info;
if err() = OKAY then
	remove table Appl_Internet_Info;
end if;

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