Clear button

Always use Clear buttons in combination with Save and Delete buttons. A clear operation should clear the window and place the focus on the first field in the tab sequence. It should never remove any information currently stored in a table, nor should it close the window.

The Clear button should allow the user to clear changes made in the window without any “side effects” of the clear operation. Typically, no warning dialogs should appear asking whether the user wants to save changes, nor should any requests appear requesting that the user provide more information prior to the window clearing. Use an accelerator key of ALT-L to clear the contents of the widow using the keyboard.

You shouldn’t use a Clear button with windows that display an editable scrolling window. Dexterity automatically saves changes to the linked table, and you cannot reverse, or roll back these changes once a clear operation occurs for the window.

Example 2: Clear button change script

The following example releases the current table and restarts the form:

release table IG_Leads_MSTR;
restart form;

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