Open and New buttons

Lookup windows can also contain Open and New buttons. An Open button opens the item currently selected in the lookup window, allowing you to edit it in the appropriate maintenance window. Clicking the Open button doesn’t close the lookup.


The script for the Open button will be similar to the following example.

{Open the Lead Maintenance form and display the current selection.}
open form IG_Lead_Maintenance;

if empty('Lead ID' of window Lead_Lookup_Scroll) then
	warning "Please select a record first.";
	'Lead ID' of window 'Lead Maintenance' of form IG_Lead_Maintenance = 'Lead ID' of window Lead_Lookup_Scroll;
	run script 'Lead ID' of window 'Lead Maintenance' of form IG_Lead_Maintenance;
end if;

The New button is similar to the Open button. It opens the appropriate maintenance window, allowing you to create a new item. It shouldn’t close the lookup window.

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