Tab sequence

A tab sequence moves the focus from one field to the next field in the sequence when a user presses the TAB key. The tab sequence helps reduce unnecessary keystrokes, enables users to enter data in a logical order and increases keyboard efficiency.

Use the following procedure when setting a tab sequence for windows that will appear in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

  1. Be sure all fields are included in the tab sequence.

To ensure the tab sequence is set consistently, be sure that the TabStop property is set to True for all fields in the window.

  1. Set data entry sequence.

Set all fields in the window area beginning with the first field in the window and continuing in logical order until you’ve included all data entry fields. For field groups, the tab sequence moves from top to bottom and from left to right.


If there are any push button controls within the window area, set push button controls beginning with the top (or leftmost) button, and ending with the bottom (or rightmost) button.

  1. Set window control area sequence.

Set all controls in the window control area.


  1. Set the window status area sequence.

Set the controls in the window status area.


  1. Remove fields from the tab sequence.

Set the TabStop property to False for the following fields:


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