Using product names

In some cases, you may find it necessary to use a product name in a message. Rather than hard-coding the product name in your messages, we recommend that you use a token instead.

The token to indicate the product name in a message or static string is @PRODprodID@ where prodID is the product ID of the product whose name you want to include in the message. The product name will be read automatically from the launch file. For example, the following message includes the name of the currently-active product, which has a product ID 0:

Message ID: 22001

Message: The current product is @PROD0@.


If the token specifies a product for which a product name cannot be found, the string [unknown] is substituted.

You can also use product tokens to include the name of a product in static strings. The following static string will include the name of the sample integrating application, which has the product ID 3333:

@PROD3333@ Options:


If you need to use product names in strings you create, you can use the Utility_SubstituteTokens() function to replace the product tokens with the corresponding product names.

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