Command overview

Commands are used to define actions for your application. A command can open a form, or can execute a script attached to the command. A command can also be used to contain a list of other commands.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, commands are used to define the contents of the menus and toolbars displayed to the user. Special windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP allow the user to customize the menus and toolbars. Users can specify how the various commands are organized and displayed.

You will define commands for your integrating application, and add them to the menus and toolbars that are displayed in the Microsoft Dynamics GP interface. It’s important that you do this using the capabilities provided within the Microsoft Dynamics GP application, rather than by directly using commands such as CommandList_Add(). Using the methods and functions provided by the Microsoft Dynamics GP application allows your application’s commands to participate in the customization and security features of the application.

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