Menu overview

The menus in Microsoft Dynamics GP are created dynamically, each time a user logs into the accounting system. Security settings control what items appear in the set of menus displayed for a specific user. This prevents users from trying to access items they do not have permission to see, and reduces clutter in the menu structure.

The menu items in the Area Pages are the primary method of navigation in Microsoft Dynamics GP. To display an Area Page, the user selects it in the Navigation Pane. For example, the following is the Sales Area Page. It displays the various menu items that are available to complete sales-related tasks.


As an alternative means of navigation, these same menu items for Transactions, Inquiry, Cards, and Reports are available from the “Main” toolbar in Microsoft Dynamics GP. The menu items for Routines, Utilities, and Setup are available from the “Tools” submenu in the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu.

You will create commands for the items in your integration that you want to access from the Area Pages or the alternative menus. When you add commands to the Area Pages, they will automatically be included in the corresponding alternative menus.

These same commands you create for menu items will typically be used for toolbar items as well. Refer to Commands for more information about creating commands for your integration. Code in your integrating application will add the commands to the appropriate locations in the menu structure.

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