Viewing the menu structure

To view the menu structure for Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as all of the integrating products you have installed, you can use the Menu Inquiry Utility sample that is included with Dexterity. To use this utility, complete the following procedure:

  1. Open the Dynamics.dic dictionary.

With Dexterity, open the Dynamics.dic dictionary.

  1. Import an item from a text file.

In the Explorer menu, choose Import From Text File.

  1. Select the Menu Inquiry utility file.

Click the lookup button in the Import From Text File window. Using the dialog displayed, select the syMenuInquiryUtility.form located in the Develop folder inside the Samples folder for Dexterity.

  1. Import the form.

Click Import to import the Menu Inquiry Utility.

  1. Compile the form.

Select the form syMenuInquiryUtility in the Resource Explorer. Click Compile on the toolbar.

  1. Start Microsoft Dynamics GP and access the utility.

To access the Menu Inquiry Utility, add the window for the utility to the Shortcut Bar in Microsoft Dynamics GP. You are adding a window named Microsoft Dynamics GP Menu Inquiry. It will be found in the Microsoft Dynamics GP dictionary, in the core that was specified in the Options window in Dexterity.


  1. View the menu information.

Use the tree view at the top of the window to navigate the menu structure. Use the information at the bottom of the window when adding menus and menu items to the menu structure.

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