Command scripts

When an action is chosen in the Action Pane, the script for the action’s command will be run. Typically, the command script will call the ExecuteListAction procedure of the appropriate form listed in the following table:


List type


Card list


Transaction list


Report list


The call will pass the encoded action ID indicating the action to run.

For example, the following is the script for the Contact History command for the sample integrating application. This command was added as an action for the Customers card list. Notice how the encoded action ID is passed, and that the ExecuteListAction procedure for the syCardList is being called.

{Need to use the command ID with the product ID and command number encoded}
call ExecuteListAction of form syCardList, ACTION_CONTACT_HISTORY_ENCODED;

In some cases, you may want to have the user verify the action before it is performed. You will learn more about this in Verifying an action.

The code needed to process an action can be extensive. The command script simply starts the process. You will learn more about the details of processing an action in Executing an action.

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