Adding to the Information Pane header

The following example is a portion of the Startup script for the sample integrating application. It registers the trigger for the XML_CreateHeaderSection procedure of the ListObj_Customers form.

l_result = Trigger_RegisterProcedure(script XML_CreateHeaderSection of form ListObj_Customers, TRIGGER_AFTER_ORIGINAL, script IG_AddCustomerInfoPaneItems);
if l_result <> SY_NOERR then
	warning "Procedure trigger registration for XML_CreateHeaderSection of form ListObj_Customers failed.";
end if;

The trigger processing procedure adds the items to the Information Pane section indicated by the form-level procedure. In this example, the trigger processing procedure uses the XMLDoc_AddHeaderField procedure to add items to the end of the columns in the header section of the Information Pane.

The parameters for the trigger processing procedure must match those of the form-level procedure defined on the list form. The parameter list will vary, depending on the list implementation. Refer to Information Pane procedure reference for the paramter list needed for each list defined in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The following is the IG_AddCustomerInfoPaneItems trigger processing procedure from the sample integrating application. It adds additional data showing the last contact date for the customer selected in the list. The additional information is added to the end of column 3 in the Information Pane header.

in table RM_Customer_MSTR;
inout ListPrevPaneXMLState XMLState;

{Retrieve the last contact information for the selected customer}
'Customer Number' of table IG_Contact_History_MSTR = 'Customer Number' of table RM_Customer_MSTR;
get table IG_Contact_History_MSTR;

{If information was found, display it}
if err() = OKAY then
	{Add the information to the end of column 3}
	call XMLDoc_AddHeaderField of form syListObj, XMLState, "Last Contact", str('Last Contact Date' of table IG_Contact_History_MSTR), 3;
end if;

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