Card list form

Each card list is a separate form in the dictionary. This form serves as a base for the card list table references, scripts, and state information. To make creating a card list easier, a basic template for a card list form is provided with Dexterity.

Importing the card list template

To import the card list template and begin creating a card list, complete the following procedure:

  1. Open your development dictionary.

With Dexterity, open your development dictionary.

  1. Import an item from a text file.

In the Explorer menu, choose Import From Text File.

  1. Select the card list form template.

Click the lookup button in the Import From Text File window. Using the dialog displayed, select the ListObjCardGeneric.form located in the Develop folder inside the Samples folder for Dexterity.

  1. Import the form.

Click Import to import the template into your dictionary.

  1. Rename the form.

Rename the form to a name more appropriate for your integration. Using the standard convention for naming card list forms, the name would begin with ListObj_ and end with the name of the item that will be displayed in the list. For example, the card list form included in the sample integrating application is named ListObj_Leads.

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