Creating a temporary table

The content for the card list comes from a temporary table that you will create for the list. Typically, this table contains the same fields as the master table that stores the data you want to display in the list. You may want to create the definition for the list’s temporary table simply be duplicating the table definition for the master table. For example, the IG_Leads_List_TEMP table used for the Leads list in the sample integrating application was created by duplicating the IG_Leads_MSTR table. Be sure the temporary table has the following characteristics:

Be sure to verify the key names for the duplicated table. You may want to change them to names more suitable for the list’s temporary table.

Some additional fields from the Dynamics.dic dictionary must be added to the temporary table. These are:

InfoValue   This field is used for the information icon that can be displayed for each row in the list. This field is required only if the information icon will be displayed. You may want to add this field now, in the event it is needed later for your list.

Marked To Process   The field is used for the check mark displayed for each row. It is required for every list.

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