Checking access

The CheckListAccess procedure for the transaction list form is used to control access to the transaction list. In releases prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10, this procedure contained code to verify that the user has access to the primary form used to manage the data that is displayed in the list. If the user didn’t have access to the form, access to the card list was denied. Beginning with Microsoft Dynamics GP 10, security tasks are used to control access to card lists. Refer to Security task operations for information about creating security task operations that control access to specific list features.

The CheckListAccess procedure can still be used to control access to a list. For instance, you may not want to allow a list to be displayed if a specific module hasn’t been registered. To grant access, the procedure should return true. Otherwise, the procedure should return false.

For contact history in the sample integration, the CheckListAccess procedure always allows access. Security for this list is controlled through security tasks:

in long nSubList;
inout boolean bSuccess;

bSuccess = true;

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