Integrating with Report List

To integrate with a Report List, you will register several triggers that respond to Report List events. Unlike card lists or transaction lists, you don’t need to create any additional forms. All processing is handled through the trigger processing scripts you create for your integration. The procedures and functions you need to create triggers for are found on the syReportList form.

When a specific Report List is displayed, the reports that are part of the series for that list are listed. Triggers are activated as the LoadData procedure builds the temporary table for the report list. If your integration has reports that should be displayed for the selected report series, you will use AddReport() function to add your reports to the list.

As each item is added to the Report List, other triggers are activated that will retrieve additional details about the report being added. For example, one trigger retrieves the display name for the report. Refer to Retrieving Report List item information for more information.

Other triggers are activated when the user selects a report in the list and performs an action such as viewing or printing. Your integration will have to handle these requests for the reports you add to each Report List. Refer to Printing and viewing reports for details.

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