Retrieving the table name

When SmartList displays columns for the new object, it must retrieve which table the field used for the column can be found in. The Explorer_Get_Table_Name procedure will be called by SmartList to perform this action. In this procedure, you will return the table technical name for the field used in the columns you added to the new SmartList object.

The following is the Explorer_Get_Table_Name procedure that retrieves the table technical name for the columns added to the Leads SmartList object. The fields for the columns added all come from the IG_Leads_MSTR table.

Procedure name: Explorer_Get_Table_Name


inout string l_Table_Name;
in integer IN_Object_Dict_ID;
in integer IN_Object_Type;
in integer IN_Field_Dict_ID;
in integer IN_Field_ID;
in integer IN_Doc_Status;

if IN_Object_Dict_ID = IG_PROD_ID then
		l_Table_Name = technicalname(table IG_Leads_MSTR);
	end if;
end if;

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