Retrieving list field types

Most list fields are 1-based and number the items in the list 1, 2, 3, and so on. The exception is radio groups, which are 0-based and number the items 0, 1, 2, and so on. If you are adding a list field as a column to a SmartList, you must use the Explorer_Get_DDL_Type procedure to tell SmartList how the items in the list field are numbered. The value 1 indicates a 1-based list field, while the value 0 indicates a 0-based list field.

The following is the Explorer_Get_DDL_Type procedure for the sample integrating application. All of the list fields from the sample that are used for SmartList columns are 1-based, so the value 1 is returned.

Procedure name: Explorer_Get_DDL_Type


out integer OUT_DDL_Type;
in integer IN_Object_Dict_ID;
in integer IN_Object_Type;
in integer IN_Field_Dict_ID;
in integer IN_Field_ID;

{All of the drop-down lists in the sample are 1-based}
if IN_Object_Dict_ID = IG_PROD_ID then
	OUT_DDL_Type = 1;
end if;

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